Social Media Marketing

Durango Tourism

Durango Tourism, having seen the rise of social media, wanted to develop a social media presence to rival Colorado's leading tourism destinations. Knowing a great deal of catching-up was needed, Durango Tourism contacted H&Co. with the goal to create a social media strategy, and execute effectively.


H&Co. got to work. Having analyzed the client's budget and targets, Facebook, Foursquare and Pinterest were chosen as the primary platforms to prioritize our focus. Why? Visual and location are key elements of tourism.


So, the results?



We developed the Durango Facebook page to become one of Colorado's top destination pages, with over 30,000 likes and a vibrant, interactive user following.



H&Co. recognized the growing popularity of Pinterest, a visual social media platform. We established a Durango brand page and began to nurture a following. The results were astronomical.  The Durango page grew to have over 800,000 followers...the largest destination page in the world.



We partnered with Foursquare to create one of the company's first destination brand pages. Soon after, Durango had 5,000+ followers.